Assassin: City Under Siege – Review

Directed by Benny Chan

Starring: Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi, Colin Chou, Wu Jing, Zhang Jing chu & Yuen Wah

Benny Chan brings us a Monster movie but will it be mutant of a movie or will it be a Beauty and the Beast.

The story starts with an experiment going wrong during word war 2 and a bio chemical laboratory being destroyed flash forward to modern day and we meet Aaron Kwok who plays Sunny a clown in the circus whose not the full ticket, simple some might say even childish, but he’s a man who dreams of becoming the master dagger thrower that his father once was.

Cheung one of the circus performers played well by a menacing Colin Chou falls upon the hidden bio Laboratory with his group of circus performers as Sunny follows them and they inadvertently releases the toxic gas which transforms them into mutants.  Only Sunny manages to get out after a lucky escape from a fall that kills one of Cheungs brothers before the toxic gas overwhelms him only to find himself swept away and ends up in Hong Kong.

Cheung and his gang also in Hong Kong decide to use their powers for crime while Sunny unaware of his powers happens upon Angel (Shu Qi) who as a reporter captures Sunny save a hostage situation and turns Sunny into a hero.

Two cops Suen (wu Jing) and Ching (Zhang Jing Chu) are sent out to kill these mutants with Sunny and Cheung both firmly in their sights with Cheung seeking revenge for the death of his brother and Sunny also seeming to be the antidote to their mutations the scene is set for the confrontation that will decide all their fates.

Probably the most insane superhero movie you’ll ever see, that’s the tag line not far off, probably the most bizarre mix of genres you’ll ever see.  Benny Chan puts his own style in with his messages there for all to see, don’t take things for granted being one.  Drama is mixed with comedy, mixed with action, mixed with tears and mutants.  Wu jing steals the show and gets to flex the pecks with Aaron Kwok and Colin Chou also involved in the action scenes.  Shu Qi lights up the screen in her fleeting moments of screen time which is always welcome.

Assassin: City Under Siege, yes they added Assassin for the western release, not sure why, is a film I shouldn’t enjoy, but I did.  I know there’s plenty who wouldn’t agree and its there for all to see on screen but its so bad its good kinda fits this film.  Maybe it caught me on a good day, but City Under Siege will take you on a mutant monster mash of mayhem that will trip every emotion switch without setting any of them alight.

Eastern Film Fans would like to say Thanks to Metrodomefilms