Bloodtraffick – Review


Directed by: Jennifer Thym

Stars: Grace Huang and Kirt Kishita

The short film just clocking in at 11 minutes sets the scene, Ava Chen played by Grace Huang is searching for her sisters who are angels.  According to myth the angels took human form to battle the vampires on earth.  With one of her sisters dead she finds the vampires den and looks to take revenge on the killer.  With revenge on her mind and still a sister to find you can bet they’ll be blood spilled, the question is whose will it be Human or Vampire ?

I was lucky enough to goto the East Winds Film Festival in Coventry England for the European Premier which also ran for a whole weekend with films from across Asia.  I spoke with both star Grace Huang and Director Jennifer Thym before the show and cheekily asked Jennifer if we could look forward to a feature length film of Bloodtraffick I’m happy to report shes working on the script as we speak  and I can’t wait.

The crowd was pumped and it was a full house, the lights dimmed and we were treated to a visual treat as Grace Huang told the story without a word spoken during the first half this set the short film up nicely with an intensity that showed the loss, anger, rage as angel wings filled a room.

If you get chance you really have to see the short its beautifully crafted by Jen Thym and wonderfully performed by Grace Huang and I for one can’t wait to see the character Ava Chen take on a feature length full on Vampire bloodbath as she searches for her sister.  So get to a festival and sink your teeth into this beautifully crafted short.