War of the Arrows – Review


From Cine-Asia

Directed by: Kim Han Min

Stars: Park Hae-il, Ryu Seung-ryong & Moon Chae-won

Orphaned as a child, Nam Yi (Park Hae-il) overcame tragic loss to become the most accomplished hunter and archer of his generation.   When Korea comes under attack from Chinese Imperial Forces, he returns from the forest to discover that his sister Choi Ja-in (Moon Chae-won) has been taken into slavery by Manchu invaders.  Nam Yi must track down the Imperial forces to save his sister but Jushinta (Ryu Seung-ryong) a fierce warrior and expert with a bow along with his men are hot on his trail.  Will Nam Yi be able to save his sister and defeat Jushinta?

This South Korean Box office smash (originally titled Arrow The Ultimate Weapon) has won a hat full of awards and it deserves everything it has won.  Its a pulse pounding ride that will draw you in and keep you watching right up to the epic finale.  Yes just when you thought it was over the action kicks in once more for an epic final duel.

There’s some outstanding performances here with Park Hae-il playing the hero that you just will to win against Ryu Seung-ryong who plays the ominous villain of the film.  It plays out like a John Woo Heroic Bloodshed movie but replace the guns with bows and bullets with arrows and you’ll be close to what you can expect.

A big plus is also the cinematography and visual effects, apart from a tiger scene but we’ll forgive it for this as overall this movie is one for every action  fan out there.

So I can’t recommend this movie enough it brings you an epic tale of good v evil that will have your heart pounding and pulse racing and defiantly hits the bullseye.

Thanks to Louise Rivers OUT NOW TO BUY from CINE-ASIA