The Silent Flute, Bruce lee’s movie that never was, is  being developed with the backing of a China and America co production. Based on the last and unfinished script co-written by Lee, screen legend James Coburn, and screenwriter Stirling Silliphant the project has been revived with the blessing of Lee’s widow and daughter. A scifi fantasy set 800 years in the future, the film is casting two male leads from China and Hollywood, and will be co-produced by Beijing-based Heshan Media.

Fans of martial arts films try to not get over-exhilarated! The legendary Bruce Lee returns to the big screen (and 2012 is the year of the Dragon!).‘I am Bruce Lee’ is the first documentary to truly tell Bruce Lee’s story in his own words and actions, as well as through the eyes of a diverse cast of international stars from the world of entertainment. Screenings will be taking place across the UK next month 20th (JULY 2012) TRAILER HERE

The Silent War  (previously Windseeker) directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong will be released Aug. 10 in Asia, China and the US. Besides Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Zhou Xun, the cast also includes Mavis Fan, Wang Xuebing and Carrie Ng.

Jiang Wen is talking to Hollywood about co-producing the sequel to his 2010 box office smash “Let the Bullets Fly,” and will visit the U.S. to see potential partners.

Chow Yun fat will now star in a Wong Jing film ‘The last Tycoon’ which was under the original title of Once upon a time in Shanghai Im glad we cleared that up.  No word if Sammo Hung is still part of this project.

The ‘Hong Kong 15 Film Festival’ full line-up has been announced so put 2nd – 14th July in your diary. The festival will show Ann Hui’s A SIMPLE LIFE and Johnnie To’s LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE which open and close the festival respectively, plus THE BOUNTY from the team behind Shaolin Soccer, so new, it hasn’t even been shown in Hong Kong yet at the time of writing!); a ‘15 Years Review‘ (looking back at impactful films from the last 15 years, such as MADE IN HONG KONG and INFERNAL AFFAIRS and the third section is called ‘Shaw Brothers Classics‘ which we are pleased to announce is a double-bill treat of THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN and THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE HERE

Up and coming Releases:

On DVD 9th July Mitsuko Delievers from ThridwinodwFilms Trailer HERE

On DVD July 30th Zombie 108  from Showbox Entertainment Trailer HERE

ON DVD 6th August The Victim from MVM Entertainment Trailer HERE

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